Frequently Asked Questions

This section of our website deals with questions that are either more general than to discuss them within either the 1993 Allegations or 2005 Allegations section or that are otherwise often discussed or questions are frequently asked about them. We also address some fake news about Michael Jackson here.

Keep in mind that after our changing of our domain this section is still under construction so more questions and answers are soon to come.

Note: The 1993 and the 2005 allegations (plus the FAQ section) can be downloaded as an e-Book in PDF format here.


What about Jackson’s sharing his bedroom with unrelated children?

It is understandable why this makes people feel uncomfortable and it definitely was not Michael Jackson’s wisest decision to share his bedroom with unrelated children. But we would like to offer some context to this topic. What about Jackson’s sharing his bedroom with unrelated children?


Much has been made of the topic of “grooming” when it came to Michael Jackson’s relationship with children and their families. The “grooming” narrative was especially pushed the 2019 film Leaving Neverland. In this article we will examine this theme and whether it was really grooming or just a lonely and generous soul looking for his place in the world. Grooming or a Generous and Lonely Soul?

Why would an innocent person settle?

A frequently asked question regarding the child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson is: “If he was innocent why did he settle the first case out of court?” To understand his possible reasons we have to understand the legal circumstances preceding and surrounding the settlement. For details see our article about The Settlement.

I read the FBI has evidence that Michael Jackson had paid off dozens of young boys to silence them after he had sexually abused them. Is that true?

No, it is not true. From time and time again the tabloid media re-hashes the fake news that authorities had evidence of Michael Jackson abusing and then paying to silence dozens of boys.

In 2013 an article by the British tabloid Sunday People made its rounds with the claim that the FBI had evidence that “Michael Jackson spent £23million (about $35 million) buying the silence of at least two dozen young boys he abused over 15 years”. Then, two years later, in the April of 2015, this was rehashed by another tabloid journalist, but putting the sum at even higher – this time the claim was that over the years Michael Jackson paid $200 million “hush money” to families of 20 of his supposed victims to not to come forward with allegations of child sexual abuse against him.

Thanks to the copy&paste “journalism” that is so present in today’s media race for clicks and sensational stories, both times these allegations spread through the tabloid media, and even some media that does not consider itself tabloid, referring to it as fact, while no one cared to check out the veracity of these claims or the credibility of the source. Fake news clearly are not just the problem of social media.

However, no matter how many times a lie is repeated it still remains a lie. For details see our article entitled Did the FBI have evidence that Michael Jackson paid off dozens of young boys to silence them after he sexually abused them?

Did Michael Jackson pay “hush-money” to a family in Brazil in 2003?

No. This is another unproven “hush-money” myth that has no evidence to support it, but you may see on certain gossip blogs. It is built on the dubious words of a former Jackson associate who, while making these claims, tried to blackmail Jackson into a settlement during a legal dispute over money. The associate made this claim to threaten Jackson with bad publicity and to try to make him settle the case. Jackson, however, refused to settle the case and evidence presented in court showed that there was nothing from a factual point of view to corroborate this claim. Extensive investigation of bank accounts, ledgers and other documentation showed no traces of such a payment ever to have even taken place and the associate who made the claim changed his story several times. Details: Did Michael Jackson pay “hush-money” to a family in Brazil in 2003?

Has there ever been any child pornography found in Michael Jackson’s possession?

No. The possession of child pornography is illegal and a crime in itself. Despite extensive searches on his homes both in the 1993 and the 2005 case, nothing illegal has ever been found in Jackson’s possession and he was never charged with the possession of anything illegal. Click here for details and a full survey of the books, magazines, DVDs and Internet material found in Jackson’s home.

Is it true that the semen of Michael Jackson was found on nudist magazines that featured nude children?

No, not true. A certain MJ hater website spreads around this misinformation, but what they are not telling you that at Jackson’s 2005 trial the prosecution’s own forensic experts testified that no semen was found on any of those magazines. Besides the magazines heavily feature women, not children. Details: Was Jackson’s semen found on his nudist magazines?

Is it true that Jordan Chandler publicly confessed after Michael Jackson’s death that Jackson did not molest him?

No, it is not true. The rumor that after the singer’s death Jordan Chandler publicly confessed that he was not molested by Jackson was an Internet hoax. Privately, allegedly, he confessed to some people that his allegations against Jackson were not true, but it was never confirmed by him publicly and he has never spoken about the case publicly. Details here.