Robson’s Route to Changing His Story – Part 8

No more dance, films, entertainment?

In his lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, Robson argues that due to his alleged sexual abuse he would never be able to work in entertainment again, therefore he needs financial compensation.

“But for the psychological injury, illness and damage caused by the childhood sexual abuse as alleged herein, [Robson] would have continued on as one of the most successful talents in the entertainment industry. Few individuals to date in the entertainment industry have achieved success in so many diverse areas. Very few others have been able to achieve success in so many diverse areas, all of which has now come to an end.

As a direct and proximate result of [Jackson’s companies’] failure to protect [Robson] from Michael Jackson’s acts of childhood sexual abuse, rather than continue on his career path and become an international superstar, [Robson] now only associates the entertainment industry with the psychological injury, illness and damage resulting from [the Jackson companies’] despicable conduct. [Robson] has been unable to work and has been forced to decline many prestigious and lucrative job offers, such as directing the opening number for the Academy Awards (Oscars), major worldwide tours for major recording artists, and various stage and stadium concert productions for other superstars. In addition, [Robson] is unable to continue writing songs or producing music, as well as being unable to continue performing and directing in any manner or capacity whatsoever.” [1; paragraph 80-81]

(Emphasis added.)

In his declaration Wade writes:

“I am not able to quantify the damages caused to me as a result of the loss of my entertainment career. Before my final breakdown in 2012, I was on a path to major notoriety and success in my field. I was a musical producer and songwriter. I had been signed as a recording artist to a major label record company. I acted and hosted my own television show on MTV and had been offered roles on other network television shows. I won two Emmy Awards for outstanding choreography and received numerous other professional accolades for my work since the age of 5, including directing several record breaking worldwide concert tours. Just before my first breakdown, I was asked to direct a major motion picture. Had it not been for the sexual abuse I suffered as a child, my emotional breakdowns as a result and my subsequent inability to return to the life that [Jackson] “prophesized” I would have, I believe my career would have continued this upward trajectory. As I understand it, the damages asserted in my Claim can and will be determined by experts.” [2; paragraph 28]

(Emphasis added.)

(Note: Most of Wade’s above listed success dates back to the early 2000s when he was at the peak of his career.)

Notice the contradiction of this narrative to what he says in his blog post of January 26, 2018 – ie. that the reason for his breakdowns was the pressure to achieve and succeed and him crumbling under those expectations. In his court papers he claims that if not for alleged sexual abuse by Jackson, his career would have “continued this upward trajectory”, but based on his blog posts quoted earlier, in this chapter, that is not true at all! The reality is that he has long struggled with the pressures and expectations of his job and he crumbled under those pressures and expectations.

In his 2013 declaration, Wade also says that he needs “a new life” for himself and his family as he is no longer able to be in entertainment and “can never be again”.

“Since beginning to talk about the abuse, everything in my life has changed. I am no longer in the entertainment business and can never be again. I need a new life for myself and my family; this civil action, which for me involves finally speaking the truth as loud as I suppressed it all these years, is a part of that process.” [2; paragraph 26]

In his blog post of November 24, 2017 Wade wrote:

“I could no longer bear to dance, make music, watch or make films. In my mind, heart and body, Michael was the reason I started doing all of those things, therefore they were all deeply intertwined with the sexual abuse I suffered at his hands from seven to fourteen-years-old. I could no longer be a part of the entertainment business because it too was synonymous with Michael for me and therefore the sexual abuse.” [3]

Fact is, however, that, as we have seen above, Wade’s issues with the entertainment business and work did not start with his “realization” of alleged sexual abuse, but they have long predated it. In actuality, he only started making sexual abuse allegations against Jackson after he has already crumbled under the pressures and expectations of his job, needed to quit and find a new source of income.

Moreover, even after his “realization” of alleged sexual abuse, Wade never really abandoned those entertainment activities. While he claimed in his lawsuit that he was “unable to continue directing in any manner or capacity whatsoever(emphasis added), he actually continued to direct short films in Hawaii and advertised himself on his website, video channel and elsewhere as a film director. Although at first those were just short commercials for non-profit and other local Maui organizations, but soon he sneaked his way back to doing the kind of entertainment activities that he claimed in his lawsuit were so triggering to him that he was not able to do them any more.

Among others, he directed dance and music videos – all the while claiming in his court documents, and never modifying or deleting those claims all through his four amended complaints, that he was unable to do those kind of jobs and never will be able to do them again, therefore he needed financial compensation.

Not only did Wade direct dance videos all the while claiming that he was so traumatized by such activities’ association with Michael Jackson that he would never be able to do them again, but he also taught his son to dance during that period and that using the same advice that Michael Jackson would use when advising people in dance.

On June 19, 2015 Wade’s wife, Amanda posted a photo of Wade teaching their son to dance on her Facebook and on her Instagram [4]. Wade also posted the same photo the same day on his own Facebook. Amanda captioned it as “Wade wisdom #1: “Don’t think. If it feels good, you’re doin it right.”

Rather than it being Wade’s own wisdom, it actually echoes Michael Jackson’s philosophy in dancing and something that he would likely tell Wade as a child while teaching him to dance. In a series of taped interviews that Rabbi Shmuley Boteach conducted with Michael Jackson in the early 2000s, Jackson said the following about dancing:

“I’ll hear music playing and wonder why nobody else is moving. My body just has to. A real dancer is a person who can interpret the sounds he hears. You become the bass, you become the drum, you become the violin, the oboe. And this is all internal, not external. It’s not about thinking. That’s why when a dancer starts to count – one and two and three – he’s thinking and all that should be gone. You can see it on their face if they’re counting. Your expression has to be in line with what you’re feeling in your body. So, in what I do, I don’t even know where I’m going. It’s just improvisation. It creates itself. But you still have to put your body through hell to express yourself. You have to be that dedicated.” [5]

(Emphasis added.)

(Wade echoed this in his own dance classes. In a 2008 article about him we read: “During a class attended by 11- to 15-year-olds [Wade] stopped and asked, “How many of you are counting the music?” When hands shot up all over the room, he said, “Well, stop it!” He explained that counting the music helps you pick up the steps, but once you know them, you need to let go of the counts and concentrate on listening to the music. This enables you to go deeper into the dynamics of the actual dancing.” [6])

So Wade had no problem teaching his son the same activity that he claimed was so triggering to him and so associated with childhood sexual abuse that he would never be able to do it again, therefore he needed financial compensation from Jackson’s Estate and companies. That is even more bizarre when we consider Wade’s above cited claims about visualizing his son in sexually abusive situations and that being Wade’s trigger for the realization of his alleged childhood sexual abuse at Jackson’s hands.

In September 2017 Wade has declared himself healed from those bad associations as he announced his participation in a JUMP dance convention.

“Being that Michael Jackson was my foremost dance inspiration, my relationship with dance had been crumbling for years and could not initially withstand this healing shift in my life. Thankfully, enough healing has occurred that I am now able to consciously take back what I now know was always mine: my relationship with dance.” [7]

On his blog he claims that it was not until about March 2017 that

“I was finally able to acknowledge that once upon a time, Dance and I had a pure, simple, playful and joyful relationship and I was now curious if there might be a way to find and/or rebuild that relationship. So one morning, I woke up, and booked a date, about two weeks out, for me to teach a dance class on Maui: one of my first in over five years. I suddenly felt it was time to try and thought that if it was a disaster, at least my conviction that I was not supposed to dance anymore, would be concretized. “ [8]

Fact is, however, that Wade participated in several dance projects between his alleged realization of sexual abuse in 2012 and March 2017. For example, in 2015 he wrote and directed a dance video entitled “Flight” [9].

Also in 2015, he advertised a dance session with him on his Facebook [10].

The same year he created a teaser trailer for a dance company [11].

In 2016 he directed another dance video entitled “Life in Color” [12].

On his video channel Wade also posted “making of” footage of it where he is heard and seen dancing, directing, choreographing, laughing and – far from seeming traumatized by dancing or “unable to continue directing in any manner or capacity whatsoever” – having a lot of fun with the project [13].

Likewise in 2016, Blake McGrath, a professional dancer and choreographer with pop star ambitions, announced on his Instagram that he was working on his first music video with Wade Robson as the director/choreographer [14]. They eventually created three music videos together – the first two heavily focused on dancing [15].


If one followed the legal developments with Wade’s creditor’s claim and civil lawsuit, it was difficult to miss the correlation between his “healing” and his creditor’s claim and lawsuit becoming more and more unlikely to succeed.

(In fact, his creditor’s claim got tossed on May 26, 2015. His civil lawsuit process took until December 19, 2017, but it also showed increasingly more signs of heading towards dismissal the years before, as Wade’s legal team could not find a way around the “control issue” that we will discuss later in The Civil Lawsuit section.)

The previous chapter: Evolving “memories”

The next chapter: A book and a lawsuit


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