Robson’s Route to Changing His Story – Part 1

The 1993 investigation

When the Chandler allegations became public in 1993, the police contacted many families and their children who had spent time with Michael Jackson over the years, including the Robsons. Wade Robson (who at the time was 10-11 years old), his mother or any of their family members never said anything incriminating about Jackson during that investigation.

According to Wade’s current version of his story, at the time he denied being sexually abused, because Michael Jackson had allegedly told him that they would both go to jail if anyone was ever to find out, and because Jackson had allegedly “coached” him over the phone in a form of a “role play” about what to say to authorities. According to Wade’s complaint:

“When the Jordan Chandler child sexual abuse allegations surfaced, Michael Jackson would telephone [Robson] nearly every day and speak with him for hours on the phone prior to [Robson’s] testimony. Michael Jackson actively and consciously coached [Robson] in the form of role playing and would say to [Robson] on the phone: “You know they are listening right now. They are saying we did all of this disgusting sexual stuff. We never did any of that, right?” [Robson] would play along and answer: “No way!” [1; paragraph 37][a]

In a declaration that Wade gave on April 30, 2013 in support of his civil lawsuit and creditor’s claim he says that this alleged “coaching” took place after he had been subpoenaed to testify in front of a Grand Jury in connection with the Chandler case.

“In September 1993, a sexual abuse lawsuit was brought against [Jackson] by a young boy named Jordy Chandler. I was subpoenaed to testify in front of a Grand Jury in Los Angeles in an (sic) criminal investigation relating to the boy’s [Jordan Chandler] relationship with [Jackson]. At the time I was only eleven (11) years old. As soon as I was subpoenaed for my testimony, [Jackson] started calling me every day to coach me.” [2; paragraph 17]

(Emphasis added.)

Wade’s Grand Jury testimony, however, was not the first time that Wade talked to authorities about these allegations and denied that anything inappropriate had ever happened to him by Jackson. The Grand Jury testimonies took place in March-April 1994, but the Robsons have first talked to the police about the case well before that, in August 1993. That can be derived from Wade’s own complaint where he says that right after he and his mother were interviewed by the Los Angeles Police Department in connection with the Chandler case, his mother called Jackson’s personal assistant, Norma Staikos who then put them in contact with Jackson’s private investigator Anthony Pellicano. He privately interviewed Wade then arranged for media interviews for Wade and his mother where they defended the star. [1; paragraph 36]

We know that those media interviews took place and aired around August 26-28, 1993, which puts the Robsons’ first police interview in connection with the case between August 17, 1993, when the Chandler investigation started and August 26-28, 1993 when they gave their first media interviews. It is obvious that neither Wade or his mother Joy or any of their family members told anything incriminating to either the police or to Pellicano about Jackson, otherwise the police would have used their testimonies against Jackson and Pellicano would not have put them on TV to defend Jackson. Also, Wade’s own current story is that he had never told about his alleged abuse to anyone before 2012.

It has to be noted that when the Chandler investigation started and when the Robsons were first interviewed by the police, Jackson was on tour abroad and was in a bad mental and physical state due to the allegations taking a toll on him. On August 25-26 and 30, 1993 he had to cancel two shows in Bangkok because of dehydration and a show in Singapore after collapsing backstage.

So well before those alleged “coaching” phone calls in 1994, Wade denied abuse and defended Jackson, both while talking to the police and in media interviews that took place only within days of the Chandler investigation’s start. He also convincingly denied any abuse when his mother asked him about it privately in the wake of the Chandler allegations [4; page 159-160]. Wade now claims that was because Jackson allegedly had told him that both of them would go to jail if anyone ever found out.

On September 15, 2016 in an interview with KFI AM 640, a local Los Angeles radio station, Wade’s lawyer, Vince Finaldi claimed that Pellicano coached Wade and Joy into defending Jackson’s innocence. “What happened was Michael Jackson was calling him, coaching him on the phone as he did during the entire time. He also hired a lawyer for him. And had Anthony Pellicano in the mix. Going to Wade, going to his mother. Coaching them and telling them what to say”, Finaldi claimed [3].

This claim, however, fails by Wade’s own complaint which says that his mother contacted Staikos and, through her, Pellicano after their first interview with the police had already taken place where they had already denied abuse and defended Jackson. They did not need any coaching by Pellicano to do so.

In her deposition in 2016, Joy claimed that they were “coerced” by Pellicano to do these television interviews, but she said her hesitation was not because she thought that Jackson was guilty. She was reluctant to give those interviews simply because she knew how it would look for her, as a mother, to admit that she had allowed her son to sleep in somebody’s bed. [4; page 183]

In an interview in 1995, Joy Robson stated that “it was Wade’s decision to `go public’ on television and proclaim Michael’s innocence.” [5]

The Robsons then also testified in Jackson’s defense during the Grand Jury hearings for the Chandler case in March-April 1994. Wade’s mother, Joy was reluctant to let Wade testify in an open court. As a result of that Judge Lance Ito (who became famous later for his presiding over the OJ Simpson case) charged Robson with contempt. At the end, with the help of Jackson’s attorneys, a compromise was negotiated that Wade would testify in a private session. He did and he defended Jackson again. According to Joy’s 2016 deposition, she was not present during her son’s testimony, but according to people who were, he was very convincing in his defense of Jackson [4; page 296-297]. Wade now claims he could be so convincing due to Jackson’s above quoted alleged “role playing” phone calls to him.

Next chapter: “A master of deception” – then or now?


[a] Wherever a Court document writes “Plaintiff”, “Defendant” etc. I will replace it with the names of the people or organizations it refers to, for the sake of convenience.


[1] Wade Robson’s Fourth Amended Complaint – see as an attachment to Notice of Plaintiff Wade Robson’s Motion to Amend the Third Amended Complaint; Memorandum of Points and Authortities (filed on September 9, 2016)

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[5] Shirley Broun – An Australian family’s courage to beat the odds (Variety Today, 1995)

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