The fallout resulting from the Bashir documentary and damage control by Jackson’s PR team

The Arvizos had not met Jackson again until after the Bashir documentary aired in the United Kingdom on February 3, 2003 and then in the USA on February 6, 2003. As a result of the documentary the media went into a frenzy, the 1993 allegations against Jackson were rehashed in articles and talk shows. On February 6 someone illegally leaked Jordan Chandler’s 1993 declaration to the media to further antagonize the public against Jackson. The media also tried to “hunt down” the Arvizo family.

Jackson’s team tried to fight this negative publicity and decided to hold a press conference with the Arvizo family in Miami on February 5 or 6, 2003. The press conference eventually was called off, but the Arvizos did travel to Miami with actor Chris Tucker to participate in it in support of Jackson. Jackson and the Arvizos then returned to Neverland on February 7-8. The family remained there, on and off, until March 12.

In the hindsight, while making their allegations the Arvizos claimed that on the way back to Los Angeles from Miami on February 7 on the airplane they witnessed Jackson lick the head of a sleeping Gavin [1] [2]. Despite of the fact that many people were on the plane the only two people who have ever claimed to have witnessed this alleged scene were Star and Janet Arvizo. Although this whole alleged scene lasted for only six seconds Janet Arvizo got up from her seat to go to the restroom exactly at the right moment to witness it – according to their story [2].  Oddly, Janet Arvizo never confronted Jackson about what she allegedly witnessed, nor did she ever ask her sons about it [2]. Supposedly she just kept it to herself and the first time she ever mentioned it to anyone was when the family first started to make child molestation allegations against Jackson later in 2003-2004.


[1] Star Arvizo’s testimony at Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial (March 7, 2005)

[2] Janet Arvizo’s testimony at Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial (April 13, 2005)

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