The Prosecution’s Witnesses – Bob Jones and Stacy Brown


Bob Jones and Michael Jackson in the late ’80s-early ’90s

Bob Jones and Stacy Brown also testified for the prosecution about “prior bad acts” in the 2005 case.

Bob Jones was in charge of public relations for Michael Jackson between 1987 and 2004. He started to work on a book about Jackson entitled The Man Behind The Mask with journalist, Stacy Brown as a co-writer in January, 2004, just about two months after Jackson’s arrest in the Gavin Arvizo case. When Jackson learned of this, he fired him on June 9, 2004 [1] [2].

According to Stacy Brown’s testimony, when he and Jones started to write the book, Jones told him that he was broke and needed money [2]. Brown also told Jones was upset because of the way he was terminated, in a letter written by Michael Jackson’s brother, Randy, rather than face-to-face [2]. Both Jones and Brown admitted that the more sensationalist a book is the easier it is to promote and sell it [1] [2]. In 2004, while Jackson was preparing for his trial, the hot topic about him was, of course, the allegations of child molestation. Under these circumstances Jones and Brown included innuendo in their book in that direction, even though, as he admitted on the stand in 2005, Jones never witnessed Jackson molest anyone, and neither did Brown.

At the time of the trial the book was not published yet but the manuscript contained an allegation of the improper touching of Jordan Chandler by Michael Jackson and because of this, Jones and Brown were called to testify. The allegation was that Jones witnessed Jackson lick the top of Jordan’s head on an airplane fight back to the USA from Europe, where Jackson and the Chandlers (June and Jordan Chandler and Jordan’s younger sister) attended the World Music Awards in Monaco in 1993 [1].

However, when testifying under oath Jones admitted that he did not remember ever witnessing such an incident and he did not remember Jackson ever licking Jordan’s head: “I don’t recall ever seeing any head licking, and I made that as adamant as I could”, said Jones on the stand [1].

This made prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss, who did the questioning, argumentative with the witness and he made attempts to impeach him. Remember, Jones was the prosecution’s own witness.

On cross-examination Jackson’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau showed that in an interview Jones had with the prosecutors on April 7, 2005 (four days before his court testimony) Jones was asked: “Um, did you see Mr Jackson engage in any head licking in the World Music Awards?”, and Jones’ reaction was: “No, no, no” [1]. And then he was asked: “Um, did you see Mr. Jackson engage in any head licking of anybody?” and he answered: “Never” [1]. About the alleged head licking on the plane Jones said: “I just don’t remember and I would be lying to say that I did” [1].

During his testimony Jones admitted that on the plane Jordan’s mother, June Chandler was seated so that she could see Jordan and Jackson [1]. We have to note that the Chandlers never made any allegation about any head licking. June Chandler testified in 2005 and she never claimed to have witnessed such an incident, nor did Jordan Chandler claim any such incident.

At the trial only this one aspect of the book was discussed, but Jones admitting under oath that it was a lie gives us an idea about the general credibility of that book. Despite of that the book went on to be published later on and its claims were often referenced in the media.


[1] Bob Jones’ testimony at Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial (April 11, 2005)

[2] Stacy Brown’s testimony at Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial (April 11, 2005)


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