How Did The Allegations of the Chandlers Emerge?

On July 11, 1993 Jordan Chandler, who was residing with his mother June Chandler, went to visit his father for a week but at the end of the week Evan Chandler refused to return the boy to his mother. This was the week when Jordan’s allegations against Michael Jackson began to take shape. The Chandlers claimed that the boy’s confessions of abuse were made after Evan sedated him for a minor dental procedure (pulling a baby tooth) with the help of his Anesthesiologist and friend, Mark Torbiner on July 16, just one day before Evan was scheduled to return his son to his ex-wife.

According to the Chandlers’ story, as presented in Ray Chandler’s 2004 book All That Glitters, after Jordan emerged from the sedation Evan pressured him to “confess” and corroborate his “suspicions” that Michael Jackson had sexually molested him. The boy refused. Then Evan started to blackmail him with lies and threats against his friend, Michael Jackson.

First Evan claimed he had bugged Jordan’s bedroom (admittedly a lie).

“When Jordie came strolling back from the kitchen, Evan went on the attack. “Have a seat, and listen very carefully to what I’m about to say. Do you remember when you came over to the house I told you that if you lie to me I was going to destroy Michael?” Jordie nodded that he did. “Good. Keep that in mind, because I’m going to ask you a question. Do you care about Michael?”

“Yes,” the boy answered.

‘You could say you love him, right?”


“And you wouldn’t want to hurt him?”


“Okay then, let me remind you of something. Remember I told you I bugged your bedroom?” Jordie nodded. “Well, I know everything you guys did, so you might as well admit it.” [1; page 90]

But Jordan remained “silent, seemingly unimpressed”[1; page 90] and “sensing this, Evan quickly changed tack” [1; page 90]. Then he tried to cajole Jordan by telling him that being bisexual was not only OK but was “sorta cool, in a way”[1; page 91]. That didn’t work either, Jordan still would not say that Jackson molested him.

Then Evan’s threats against Jackson became more direct and more aggressive:

“I’m going to give you one last chance to save Michael. If you lie to me, then I’m going to take him down in front of the whole world, and it’ll be all your fault because you’re the one person who could have saved him. [1; page 91]”


“I know about the kissing and the jerking off, so you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know,” Evan lied. “This isn’t about me finding anything out. It’s about lying. And you know what’s going to happen if you lie. So I’m going to make it very easy for you. I’m going to ask you one question. All you have to do is say yes, or no. That’s it. Lie and Michael goes down. Tell me the truth and you save him. [1; page 91]”

Jordan by this time, of course, knew what his father would consider “the truth” and what would he consider a “lie”, since Evan made that very clear. Ray Chandler writes in his book: “In his heart, Evan already knew the truth; he didn’t need Jordie to confirm it.” [1; page 91] In other words Evan had a fixed, preconceived idea that Jackson had molested his son and he would only accept confirmation from Jordan as “the truth”. Everything else would be considered a “lie” and would result in Evan acting to “taking down” the entertainer. And this is when Jordan, after pleading his father not to hurt Jackson, allegedly, gave in:

“Okay. What’s the question?”

“Did Michael touch your penis?”

Jordie hesitated. Then, almost inaudibly, he whispered “Yes.”

Evan would press no further. He had heard all he needed to hear. He reached out and hugged his son, and Jordie hugged back, tight.

“We never talked about it again,” Evan later told the L.A. district attorney. To Evan, the details didn’t matter. “The prison walls had cracked and I was confident the rest would take care of itself.” [1; page 91-92]

After all these threats and blackmailing Jordan “confesses” with an almost inaudible “yes” and we are to believe that Evan doesn’t have any further questions? Supposedly his son has just confessed he has been molested but his father is not interested in details, such as when, where, how, how many times and exactly what happened, under what circumstancis was his son’s penis touched by another man? In actuality, Evan later tells the Los Angeles DA that “we never talked about it again”.  It would only make sense if Evan knew there were no details to be told. It also seems to be an attempt on Evan’s part to distance himself from the allegations, so that he could not be accused of coaching his son.

All the “details” would later coalesce when we hear about the masturbation, mutual masturbation and oral sex claims but these “details” only surface after Jordan spends more time in his father’s care and in the office of Evan’s attorney, Barry Rothman, a person that Evan himself described in his taped phone conversation with David Schwartz as the “nastiest son of a bitch” [2].

It must be emphasized that the above described story of Jordan’s alleged “confession” about the abuse is based solely on Ray Chandler’s account in All That Glitters and we do not know how much of it is true. Even if it is completely true, the way Jordan was coerced and threatened into a “confession” would make these allegations very problematic. However, there are reasons to doubt the claim that Jordan “confessed” anything at all on July 16.

Here is why.

On July 14 Evan and his attorney, Barry Rothman contacted a psychiatrist, Dr. Mathis Abrams and presented him with their side of the story and asked his opinion about it. Without having met either the child or the accused, simply based on Evan and Rothman’s version of the story, on July 16 Dr. Abrams sent Rothman a two-page letter in which he stated that “reasonable suspicion would exist that sexual abuse may have occured” [3]. Evan later used this letter as a “negotiation” tool with his ex-wife June and with Michael Jackson.

In All That Glitters it is claimed that on July 20 Jordan’s mother, June Chandler and her then husband, David Schwartz met Evan’s attorney, Barry Rothman in his office. During that meeting Dr. Mathis Abrams’ letter was shown to them and it was demanded that they sign a document that would transfer custody of Jordan from June to Evan.

Although Rothman and Evan Chandler wanted to convince June Chandler and David Schwartz that Jordan had been molested by Jackson – and as a tool for that they used Dr. Abrams’ letter – Jordan’s alleged confession was not mentioned to them during that meeting. In All That Glitters it is claimed that it was because Evan did not tell Rothman about Jordan’s alleged “confession”. The reason given is that Evan did not want to betray the boy’s trust.

On August 4 Evan and Jordan met with Jackson and his private investigator, Anthony Pellicano at the Westwood Marquis Hotel. Evan read Dr. Abrams’ letter to them and after the meeting Evan and Rothman invited Pellicano to Rothman’s office where they made a $20 million demand to not to go public with allegations of child molestation against Michael Jackson. [Details about that meeting in our later chapter entitled The Chandlers’ Monetary Demands.]

However, according to Ray Chandler’s book, on August 6 Jordan was still unwilling to tell his mother, June Chandler that Jackson had allegedly molested him. Ray Chandler claims it was because the boy was “too ashamed”[1; page 111]. This could be possible, of course, however Evan himself still did not mention Jordan’s alleged “confession” to his ex-wife either, although he is described as being desperate to convince June that their son had been molested by Jackson. The explanation given in the book is once again that Evan did not want to betray the boy’s trust. Evan is quoted in the book as saying: “It shouldn’t have mattered, anyway,” Evan believed. “I am his father and if I’m telling her our child has been molested, that should be enough.” [1; page 112]

The book describes a peculiar sequence of events on August 9-11. June took Jordan to the movies, but Evan only allowed it “on the condition that she not badger Jordie with questions” [1; page 115]. Keep in mind that meanwhile Evan is desperate to convince June that their son had been molested by Jackson, yet he does not allow June, the boy’s mother, to personally ask Jordan about it. According to the book, the next day June again took out Jordan to lunch and she and her then-husband, David Schwartz started to ask him questions: “What’s your dad up to? How much money did he ask for? Did Rothman file for custody?” [1; page 116]

The book claims that this made Jordan threaten them that he would call the “cops” if they did not take him back to his father, so June took him back to Evan. The book describes this as a dramatic “abduction” attempt by June [1; page 116] which makes little sense because June had legal custody over the boy, so the “cops” could not have done anything to force her to return Jordan to Evan if she had not voluntarily wanted to. Keep in mind that this version of the events is just Ray and Evan Chandler’s version and it does not mean it is the truth, but this is their story. The story in the book goes on:

“When they arrived, June told her son that if Evan were telling the truth she would join forces with them to see Michael punished. Safely inside his father’s house, Jordie told Evan what had occurred, and about June’s offer to help if she could be convinced.

Evan knew the only chance of accomplishing this was for Jordie to tell June everything, which the boy was still reluctant to do. “I realized for the first time I was going to have break my promise to Jordie and tell June he admitted to being touched. Things were totally out of control and it was the only way to end the insanity.” [1; page 116]

It is very ironic that Evan talks about an “insanity” when it was his behaviour that was bizarre. Why all the drama, secrecy and complications when he could have simply told June immediately after July 16 that Jordan had confessed to him that he was inappropriately touched by Michael Jackson? Are we to believe that while Evan is described as desperate to convince June that Jackson molested their son, for almost a month he would not mention to her the single most important “evidence”, Jordan’s own confession? The explanation that Evan did not mention it because he did not want to betray Jordan’s trust is hard to believe considering the fact that he did not have a problem with betraying his son or lying to him on other occasions. Additionally, Evan had already claimed to other people, including June, that Jackson had allegedly molested Jordan, basing his claim on Dr. Abrams’ letter. Why would telling Jordan’s mother about the alleged “confession” of the boy be a bigger “betrayal”?

Even on August 10, when June told Jordan that she would help them punish Jackson if Jordan confirmed his father’s claims, the boy was still reluctant to do so. The confirmation would finally come the next morning, according to the book, when Jordan called his mother and told her about his allegations on the phone – with Evan standing next to him. June then requested to talk to the boy alone, but Evan refused to let them. Evan’s reasoning in the book was that he did not trust June after her “attempt to abduct” Jordan, and that June and David Schwartz expressed to him their suspicion that Evan had coerced Jordan into making allegations against Jackson. With the above described events June did have a good reason to suspect that and Evan not letting the boy talk to her alone certainly would not be the way to dispel that suspicion. Nor would the fact that during this period Evan and his lawyer, Barry Rothman continued to demand money from Jackson which is discussed in detail in the chapter The Chandlers’ Monetary Demands.

On August 16, June Chandler’s attorney, Michael Freeman informed Rothman that they had filed a motion for a Court Order to have Jordan returned to his mother, June Chandler. In response to that and frustrated by Jackson’s refusal to pay him off, on August 17 Evan took Jordan to Dr. Abrams where the boy first made his detailed allegations against Michael Jackson, which inevitably involved the authorities, made the allegations public and afforded Evan the ability to get custody of Jordan. In Ray Chandler’s book we read:

“In a phone conversation the night before Freeman’s request was to be heard in court, Barry counseled Evan that unless he was willing to walk into the courtroom and accuse Michael of molesting Jordie, he didn’t have a prayer of winning; June had legal custody and that was all she needed to get Jordie back.” [1; page 119]

By the time Jordan was under his father’s control for a month. Consider the fact that initially Evan should have returned Jordan to his mother on July 16. To claim in the hindsight that Jordan “confessed” to him that day about having allegedly been molested by Michael Jackson, would be a good way for Evan to justify why he did not. However, the events which took place between July 16 and August 17, as described above, make that claim dubious at least.


[1] Raymond Chandler – All That Glitters: The Crime and the Cover-Up (Windsong Press Ltd, September 2004)

[2] Taped phone conversation between Evan Chandler and David Schwartz (July 8, 1993)

[3] Letter sent to Barry Rothman by Dr. Mathis Abrams on July 16, 1993. Also qouted in All That Glitters [1].

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