Evan Chandler’s “Suspicions”

The allegation that Michael Jackson sexually molested Jordan Chandler did not originate from the boy himself. You can read later on this website (How Did The Allegations of the Chandlers Emerge?) how his father, Evan Chandler pressured and blackmailed him into corroborating his preconceived, fixed idea that there was something sexual going on between Jordan and the entertainer.

Upon what did Evan Chandler base his “suspicions”? According to the version of the story, as presented by his brother Ray Chandler’s book, All That Glitters, the suspicions were based on vague feelings and odd interpretations of certain events.

In the book, Evan is distanced from being the originator of the “suspicions”. It is claimed that his ex-wife, June Chandler and her then husband, David Schwartz had concerns before him, only to “forget” about them later, when they were blinded by Jackson’s fame, influence and money.

According to the book, June Chandler first had concerns in February, 1993 when she and her children, Jackson and another boy traveled to Neverland in a limo and the other boy, who was about Jordan’s age, allegedly sat on the entertainer’s lap while he was seated in the front-seat. Ray Chandler’s book claims that the entertainer caressed and kissed the boy “on the ear and the cheek”[1; page 16] with “soft, lingering kisses”[1; page 16]. Though Ray Chandler does not give the name of the boy in his book, we do know that it was Brett Barnes who was with them on that trip.

At Jackson’s 2005 trial June Chandler was asked about this trip by the prosecution, but she did not mention “soft, lingering kisses” and did not describe the scene as a disturbing sight. She also described Brett Barnes as sitting next to Jackson, not on his lap [2].

Moreover, Brett Barnes was interviewed by the police several times in 1993 as a child. In 2005, as an adult, he quit his job in Australia to travel to the US and testify at Jackson’s trial in support of the singer. He categorically denied that he had ever been sexually molested or inappropriately touched by Jackson. He said he was “very mad” [3] at the insinuation that Jackson molested or inappropriately touched him. On the stand he called Jackson a good personal and family friend with whom he was still in touch as an adult. “He’s a member of the family. Just always had warm conversations, reminisce about old times” [3]. Brett Barnes’ mother and sister also testified at the trial in support of Jackson.

The next event Ray Chandler cites as a source of concern for June is when she and her children accompany Jackson to Las Vegas in March 1993 and stay at the Mirage Hotel. According to June Chandler’s 2005 testimony one night Jackson and Jordan went to see a Cirque du Soleil performance and when they came back Jackson insisted on Jordan sleeping in his bedroom. According to June Chandler when she refused Jackson kept insisting on it “sobbing, crying, shaking, trembling”[2] to which June gave in and let Jordan sleep in Jackson’s bedroom for the first time.

However, Jordan’s own version of this story contradicts his mother’s 2005 testimony. In an interview that psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Gardner conducted with Jordan on October 6, 1993 the boy said he and Jackson watched the horror movie The Exorcist that night and Jackson, because Jordan was scared, offered to let Jordan sleep in his room. According to Jordan’s version it was after that night when he told his mother about having slept in Jackson’s bedroom and that is when the alleged confrontation took place between June and Jackson – so in the hindsight of Jordan having spent a night in Jackson’s bedroom and not before. [4]

From June Chandler’s cross examination by Jackson’s lawyer, Thomas Mesereau we learn that the conversation with Jackson revolved around trust issues and it appears Jackson cried because he felt June did not trust him. June also admitted that it was Jordan, who wanted to stay in Jackson’s bedroom [2]. In any case, there was no claim of physical contact occurring between Jordan and Jackson on that trip.

In Ray Chandler’s book it is claimed that June did not tell Evan about the alleged limo “incident” with Brett Barnes, and “only very little” about the alleged Las Vegas “incident” until later [1; page 18] so these alleged events could not have served as a basis for Evan’s suspicions. (According to All That Glitters June Chandler initially dismissed Evan’s idea that Jackson molested Jordan.)

In All That Glitters it is admitted that Evan was jealous of Jackson, of the friendship between Jackson and his son and of the fact that the boy, instead of visiting him, preferred to spend his spare time with the entertainer. In the book it is stated that Evan hoped that once Jackson went on tour in August 1993, it would end. However, Jackson later invited June and the children to go with him.


By the way, Jackson’s hanging out with the Chandler family was not unique at all and Jordan Chandler was not anyone special in his life, as opposed to some portrayals by the media or by Evan and Ray Chandler. In actuality, we learn from a book written in 2011 by a friend of Jackson’s, Frank Cascio that often when Jordan and the Chandlers were around Jackson, so were other families, including the Cascios – and they too were invited to the tour.

Some extracts from Cascio’s book:

“I went up and shook Jordy’s hand; he seemed like a nice kid. This wasn’t the first time I’d met another kid through Michael. Like my own, Jordy’s family was one of many families Michael befriended, although the Cascios were the only ones he called his “second family.” We Cascios were a big family ourselves, and we were more than happy to embrace Michael’s friends. There was always room for more. To me, Jordy and his family seemed pleasant and unexceptional.” [8]


“Seeing the look on [my mother’s] face, I understood that my friend was being accused of doing something wrong to Jordy. I was beyond shocked: the idea didn’t even make sense to me. I had spent plenty of time with Jordy and Michael, and when I was at Neverland, Jordy never even stayed in Michael’s room with us. Not once. I had never seen anything out of line happen, and I didn’t believe anything had happened, not for a single second. Furthermore, Michael had never acted in any way even approximating “inappropriate” toward Eddie or me. This story was utterly unbelievable; I simply couldn’t imagine Michael as a molester.” [8]

“As this disturbing news sank in, I couldn’t help remembering some of what Jordy had said about his father during the trip we had taken to Disneyland together and later at the ranch. Jordy was an open, honest kid, and I didn’t have the sense that he was hiding anything. The night we’d gone to Toys “R” Us, he told me that his father, a dentist and aspiring screenwriter named Evan, was extremely jealous of Michael. He volunteered the information that his father thought it was weird that Michael was so close to Jordy and the rest of the family, and that the relationship had become a problem for the Chandler family. Thinking back on it, I remembered how Jordy had said that Evan had a terrible temper, that when he was upset he’d scream and bang things around the house. In retrospect, it’s not hard to see that Michael was a father figure for Jordy, that Jordy’s mother was attached to Michael, and that this most likely made for a problematic family dynamic. But at the time I wasn’t thinking in these larger terms. All I knew was that I was certain that Michael was being falsely accused—whether it was because of Jordy or his father didn’t matter.” [8]

Cascio further describes that his family and the Chandlers, including Jordan’s mother, were often together on various trips to Disneyland and other places. This is important to point out, because sometimes some of the tabloid media – and Evan Chandler himself – attempted to portray Jordan as someone very special in Michael Jackson’s life (with the obvious undertone), but that portrayal is false.

It also has to be noted that it is well documented that Jackson was very generous with almost everyone – boys, girls, kids, adults. Again, this needs to be pointed out because his generosity was then turned against him by his accusers and the prosecution, portrayed as some sort of “grooming of young boys”. In reality, Jackson gave and bought gifts for anyone who asked or did not even ask [see examples in the chapter called Grooming or a Generous Heart?].


In Ray Chandler’s book, All That Glitters it is claimed that Evan Chandler first met Michael Jackson in person on May 20, 1993 in June’s house. Evan, it is said, was surprised by the huge amount of gifts he saw in Jordan’s room, all bought for the boy by the entertainer. The book alleges that the thing that “disturbed” him were the toys, which he deemed were “inappropriate” for Jordan’s age. They were plastic army men and other toys which, according to Evan, were fit for younger children.

“Jeez, Jord,” Evan said, “Cody [pseudonym for Jordan’s little brother] doesn’t even play with this stuff anymore. What are you doing with it?” [1; page 25]

As the story goes, this was the moment when Evan’s life long trust in his ex-wife crumbled and he started to doubt her motives concerning their son:

“What I saw in Jordie’s room disturbed me not only because it was so inappropriate for his age and personality, but also because I instinctively knew that June had to know it was inappropriate, and was therefore condoning it. It was the first time I had ever doubted her motives concerning our son.” [1; page 27]

How toys for younger children are a sign of ulterior motives by either June or Jackson is never explained.

On May 21 Jackson invited Evan and the children to his Century City condo. According to All That Glitters, only one day after Evan was personally introduced to Jackson, he asked, out of the blue: “Are you fucking my son up the ass?” (sic!) [1; page 30] Jackson allegedly “giggled like a schoolgirl” and said he never used that word [1; page 30]. Keep in mind that this is just Ray Chandler’s account and we do not say this is what really happened (in actuality, there are many stories, interpretations and claims in that book which are demonstrably false), but this book is the only detailed source for what the Chandlers’ allegations exactly are, so we use it as a source for their claims. So this is what Ray Chandler claims in his book and even his own version of the story leaves one puzzled as to what prompted Evan to ask such a question in such a rude manner only a day after he first met Jackson? What kind of preconceived ideas did he already hold?

According to All That Glitters Jackson spent the May 22-23 weekend in Evan’s house where, allegedly, Jackson told Evan that he did not like June and he wanted to live with Jordan and Evan in the latter’s house. According to Ray Chandler, Evan told Jackson they would need to add one more room to the house and Jackson told him to do it and offered to pay for it. However, allegedly Evan’s wife “Monique” wasn’t happy about the idea and this never materialized. At least that is Ray Chandler’s version of the events.

Mary A. Fischer’s 1994 article for GQ Magazine actually reports the scene happening the other way around. According to Fischer, it was Chandler who made the suggestion that Jackson should move in with them and either pay for an addition to the house or build Evan a new house:

“According to sources, Chandler even suggested that Jackson build an addition onto the house so the singer could stay there. After calling the zoning department and discovering it couldn’t be done, Chandler made another suggestion–that Jackson just build him a new home.” [5]

This version is confirmed by June Chandler’s testimony at Jackson’s 2005 trial where she was asked about whether Evan wanted Jackson to finance a wing on his house and she answered “yes”:

And do you recall anything about your ex-husband wanting Michael Jackson to finance a wing on his house?


And to your knowledge, Michael Jackson never did that, right?


As another example of how Ray Chandler’s version of events differs from others’, consider a story that appeared in two books: in All That Glitters and in actress Carrie Fisher’s 2011 autobiography entitled Schockaholic. In the latter Fisher discloses that Evan Chandler was her dentist before the 1993 allegations. In All That Glitters, it is claimed that Evan was so worried about the relationship between Jackson and his son that he asked Fisher’s opinion about it and she in turn, asked other people’s opinions. However, according to Shockaholic we get a totally different picture about Evan Chandler’s motives and behavior compared to the portrayal of the concerned father that we read in All That Glitters.

Fisher writes that Evan proudly bragged about the friendship between Jackson and his son, while making odd remarks:

“But remember that dentist who sued Michael for molesting his kid?
Yes, that was my dentist. Evan Chandler, D.D.S. Dentist to the Stars. And this same Dr. Chandler — long before the lawsuit was brought (though not necessarily before it was contemplated) — needed someone to brag to about his son’s burgeoning friendship with Michael Jackson. (This was years before Michael had children of his own.) And so my “dentist” would go on and on about how much his son liked Michael Jackson and, more important, how much Michael Jackson liked his son. And the most disturbing thing I remember him saying was, “You know, my son is very good looking.”
Now I ask you—what father talks about his child that way? Well, maybe some do but (a) I don’t know them, and (b) they probably aren’t raising an eyebrow and looking suggestive when they say it. Over the years I’ve heard many proud fathers tell me, “My son is great,” or “My kid is adorable,” but this was the only time I’d ever heard this particular boast:
“My son [unlike most average male offspring] is VERY [unsettling smile, raised eyebrows, maybe even a lewd wink] good-looking [pause for you to reflect and/or puke].”
It was grotesque! This man was letting me know that he had this valuable thing that he assumed Michael Jackson wanted, and it happened to be his son. But it wasn’t who his son was, it was what he was: “good-looking.” [6]

A couple of months later, Fisher writes, Evan Chandler announced to her that he was going to sue Jackson for sleeping in the same bed as his son. Fisher shares some thoughts about his accusation:

“Now, I know for a fact that when this first started happening, the good doctor saw no problem with this odd bunking! Excuse me, he had been creepy enough to have allowed all this to happen, and now he’s suddenly shocked—shocked!—virtually consumed with moral indignation! “Can you believe it? I think Michael may have even put his hand on my child’s privates.” Well, what was this man thinking in the first place? Why did he encourage him to sleep in the same bed as Michael Jackson to begin with?

He did it because he knew, somewhere, he would eventually be able to say, “Oh, my God! I suddenly realize that this thing between Michael and my son is weird. I’m horrified. My son may have been damaged! And the only thing that can repair this damage is many millions of dollars! Then he’ll be okay! And we’re not going to buy anything for ourselves with that money! It’s all going toward our son being okay!!!” This was around the time that I knew I had to find another dentist. No drug can hide the fact that one’s skin is crawling.

The thing is, though, I never thought that Michael’s whole thing with kids was sexual. Never. Granted, it was miles from appropriate, but just because it wasn’t normal doesn’t mean that it had to be perverse. Those aren’t the only two choices for what can happen between an adult and an unrelated child spending time together. Even if that adult has had too much plastic surgery and what would appear to be tattooed makeup on his face. And yes, he had an amusement park, a zoo, a movie theater, popcorn, candy, and an elephant. But to draw a line under all that and add it up to the assumption that he fiendishly rubbed his hands together as he assembled this giant super spiderweb to lure and trap kids into it is just bad math.


But wait! Check this out! Let’s say your “really good-looking son” started hanging out with this odd-looking famous multi-multimillionaire that could maybe be persuaded to give you twenty-two million dollars if you threatened to tell everyone in the world that he touched your son’s underage, maybe-not- even-fully-grown-yet member. Well, I don’t know what you’d do? But when my dentist was presented with a choice between integrity and twenty-two million dollars, you’ll never guess what he did! That’s right—he went for the cash! But hey, he was only human-ish, right? But really, who could blame him? I mean, besides you and me and anyone else alive who cares about ruining their kid’s life, who else could blame Dr. Chandler for what he did? (I’ll wait while you think.)” [6]

Apparently, despite having no evidence, Evan Chandler assumed that the relationship between his son and Jackson was or would turn sexual and he hoped to tie the entertainer to himself through that. In this context it becomes clear why he would suggest that Jackson move in with them. According to All That Glitters Evan assumed his son and Jackson were “lovers”. If you are wondering why and how someone could have such twisted ideas about the nature of supposed child molestation, you will have to read our article entitled Victor Gutierrez and his role in the allegations against Michael Jackson.

On Memorial Day Weekend, beginning on May 28, Jackson spent one more weekend in Evan’s house. According to All That Glitters:

“Michael and Jordie had been off in their own little world all day, as if Evan didn’t exist.” [1; page 45]


“Monique reiterated her opinion that Michael was taking up too much of Jordie’s life. But this time she offered an additional observation. “Jordie doesn’t even know you’re in the room, Evan. Can’t you see what’s going on? They’re in love!”
The minute the L word left Monique’s mouth, Evan believed she was right. “It should have been a dead giveaway,” Evan recalled weeks later, when Jordie came walking in the house that night wearing tight black pants, white socks, black loafers and a black fedora, and Michael came walking in right behind him wearing the same riling. Or when they ran off into the living room together after dinner and closed the door behind them, leaving me to work alone on the history paper. Or that Michael never once called Jordie by name, referring to him instead by affectionate nicknames like ‘Applehead’ and ‘Doo Doo Head.’”
“Do you think it’s physical?’ Evan asked his wife.
“I don’t know?” Monique answered. “It could just be infatuation. But whatever it is, it’s not good for Jordie.” [1; page 45]

How playing together, enjoying each other’s company, silly nicknames, and Jordan dressing the same way as his favorite pop star who also happened to be his friend, is a sign of sexual abuse is never explained.  As for the nicknames, Jackson was well known to have called many of his friends and family members those names, including his nephews, nieces, cousins and later his children.

(For example, a friend of Jackson’s, Dr. William Van Valin mentioned this nickname in his 2012 book entitled  Private Conversations in Neverland with Michael Jackson:

“Michael tried to get Paris [Jackson] to say hi, but all she did was bury her head in his pajama bottoms. This made Michael laugh a little and he said, “Paris, you applehead.” Eventually after hearing this word used a number of different times over the next few months I figured out that ‘Applehead’ was actually a term of endearment that Michael used for anyone who was being silly.” [7])

According to All That Glitters the next morning Evan asked his son whether the relationship between him and the star was sexual – apparently just as bluntly as he supposedly asked Jackson before:

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Evan said, and as Jordie turned to leave, he added, “Hey, Jordie, are you and Michael doin’ it?”

“That’s disgusting!” Jordie reacted. “I’m not into that.”

“Just kidding.”

Evan explained it this way. “It was crude, but I was so anxious, I decided on the spur of the moment to say it because I figured it would elicit an unplanned response.” Jordie’s repulsion brought Evan great relief.”[1; page 46]

Despite his “relief” Evan apparently did not give up. According to All That Glitters Jackson complained about a strong headache that morning. (This is not mentioned in the Chandler book, but we know from the 2013 AEG trial that Jackson had a scalp surgery a couple of weeks before because of the long lasting effects of his injuries from his 1984 Pepsi commercial accident when his hair caught fire.) Evan gave him Aspirin and Tylenol but they did not work. He called his anesthesiologist, Mark Torbiner for advice who came over and brought some Toradol with him, which is a non-narcotic equivalent to Demerol. At least that is what they claimed to have administered to Jackson. According to their story, Evan injected 30 mg of it into Jackson’s gluteus, but Jackson was still in pain, so Evan administered another 30 mg.

It is worth noting that in her book Carrie Fisher described both Evan Chandler and his anesthesiologist as two of those Hollywood doctors who abused medications:

“But getting back to the special medical access I mentioned earlier, I had this dentist at the time, a Dr. Evan Chandler, who was a very strange character. He was what would be referred to as the Dentist to the Stars! And as one of the people who would have unnecessary dental work just for the morphine, this man was one of those people who could arrange such a welcome service. He referred his patients to a mobile anesthesiologist who would come into the office to put you out for the dental work. And as if that wasn’t glorious enough, this anesthesiologist could also be easily and financially persuaded to come to your house to administer the morphine for your subsequent luxury pain relief. And I would extend my arms, veins akimbo, and say to this man—“Send me away, but don’t send me all the way.” [6]

Whatever Evan and Torbiner administered to Jackson and with whatever intention, after that, it is claimed that the star showed drunk-like symptoms: “he was acting weird, babbling incoherently and slurring his speech” [1; page 47]. According to Ray Chandler’s book, after a while the entertainer began to sober up, and was in a somewhat coherent but still uninhibited condition. It is then said that Evan decided to take advantage of the situation to ask him questions about his sexuality, whether he was gay. Jackson answered he was not. According to the book Jackson did not feel well and remained in bed all day – and despite of the claim that Evan was suspicious of Jackson molesting Jordan he put the drugged-up entertainer to sleep in his two sons’ bedroom.

Ray Chandler describes Evan checking on the star three times that night. The third time, it is claimed, Jordan sneaked into Jackson’s bed (not the other way around) and they were sleeping in a “spooning” position “with Michael’s arm wrapped tightly around the boy, his hand resting on the boy’s crotch on the outside of the covers” [1; page 48]. It is stated they were both fully clothed, but according to Ray Chandler this scene reinforced Evan’s “suspicions”.

We cannot know how much, if anything of this is true. This is Ray Chandler’s account of Evan Chandler’s story and we only have his words and they may well be only half-truths, twisted “truth”, exaggerated “truth” or a total fabrication. According to the story in Ray Chandler’s book, upon observing this scene, that allegedly deeply troubled Evan, he did not do anything. He did not wake up Jackson and Jordan to question them about it, nor did he question them about it the next morning. Apparently he just walked out of the room and kept the story to himself.

Whatever Evan saw or did not see in reality, it seems he could not convince even himself, because right after the description of this scene we read in All That Glitters:

“Even if there was no sex, Jordie’s personality had been seriously altered. As he morphed day by day into a pint-sized clone of Michael, he withdrew further and further from his family and friends.” [1; page 49]

On June 9 at the preschool graduation of Evan’s other son, “Cody” Evan asked Jordan what he would do if he asked him not to go on tour with Jackson, to which the boy answered: “I’d go anyway” [1; page 53]. When Jordan asked him to give him a good reason why he shouldn’t go, this conversation is quoted:

“What if I said you could be dead in five years if you went on tour?”

Jordie looked puzzled. “Well, of course, I don’t want to die. But why would I?”

“Because you guys lied to me!” Evan erupted. “And you know how much I hate liars. You’re not going on the tour. Now let’s go, I’m taking you home.”


“Thank God he didn’t ask me what they had lied about,” Evan later recalled. “I don’t know what I would have said, other than Michael had lied about his dentist*.” [1; page 53-54]

(* In All That Glitters it is claimed Evan assumed Jackson lied to him when he claimed he was not a patient of a certain dentist who had AIDS.)

Like in the above extract, throughout the book Evan keeps accusing others of lying, while in almost the same breath he admits to lies he had been telling Jordan and other people.

The book alleges that on Father’s Day (June 20) Jordan refused to call his father and when Evan called him he refused to talk to him: “He doesn’t want to talk to you,” [June Chandler] said, “And I’m not getting involved.” [1; page 59] When days later the boy still refused to talk to him on the phone he threatened his ex-wife and son: “Let me tell you something, June. He better call me, and it better be soon, or you’re all going to be sorry. You know me. I’ve had enough!” [1; page 59]

According to All That Glitters, Evan left this threatening message on June’s answering machine on July 7:

“It’s Wednesday, July 7. June, make sure you play this message for Michael and Jordie. I’m going to repeat that. June, make sure you play this message for Michael and Jordie. All three of you are responsible for what is going on. No one is a neutral party. Since Jordie has repeatedly refused to return my phone calls, this will be my last voluntary attempt to communicate. I will be at your house at San Lorenzo this Friday. Julv 9. at 8:30 in the morning. Take my word for it, there is nothing else any of you has to do that is more important than being at this meeting.” [1; page 62]

According to Ray Chandler’s book Evan attributed Jordan’s refusal to talk to him to Jackson’s influence on the boy – as if Evan’s mania, threats, temper tantrums and weird sexual suggestions and questions would not be enough to alienate a child.

On July 8, 1993 David Schwartz, June Chandler’s then husband, recorded three telephone conversations he had with Evan Chandler which we discuss in the next chapter.


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